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Online Shop

online_storeImagine having a store that had no closing hours, no rent, and no lines of customers. Well that’s all possible with an Ecommerce website. By building your site to also operate as a retail outlet, you increase your sales ability with less investment and much less work than opening another shop. Imagine having a store open 24/7 for anyone in the world to visit! That’s the advantage of an effective Ecommerce solution.




Did you know that 90% of Indian retailers don’t have an online store, with over 64% of these not planning on implementing an Ecommerce website anytime soon.
Yet 64% of the Indian population has access to the internet, with 79% going online every day and 60% multiple times a day!
9.6 million Indians shop online each year, with 88% of those expected to increase their spending online. That’s one third of the Indian population shopping for something online.



online_store3With the rise of online shopping, having an E-commerce website is a must have for any business that has a product to sell in India. Contact ARB Infosys today and let us define a clear digital strategy with an Ecommerce web solution to get your retail business online.





There is no reason to pay several thousands of  Rupees  for an eCommerce system.

From just Rs. 15,000/- year, the ARB Online Shop Package gives you everything you need to sell your products to the world, including:

  • Fully featured shopping cart website design & e-commerce solution
  • Secure Payment System using Paypal and all trusted payment gateways such as Visa, Mastercard and all major Australian banks
  • Customer database and checkout system providing a smooth transaction process from start to finish
  • Content Management System giving you full control of your shop’s inventory
  • Automatic Postage and Tax Calculations
  • Advanced Search allowing your customers to easily find the products they are looking for
  • Coupons & Discount Codes. Run special sales with coupon codes or give your best customers discounts.
  • Unlimited products and categories
  • Single page checkout
  • Support featuring detailed online help tutorials. If you have a problem we are just a phone call away
  • Social Icons like Facebook, Twitter and Pintrest linking to your various social media pages
  • Transitioning slideshow gallery
  • Google friendly design
  • Unlimited Emails
  • Local hosting on India based dedicated servers

A onetime Rs. 1000 setup fee applies to all ARB Online Shop Packages.

Our extensive range of website extras such as a Quick Contact Form, blog or our Google Kick Start SEO Package will help take your online shop to the next level.